General Incorporated Association Asia Association of Education and Exchange


Activities in 2013

Nov, 2013
Students’ mini-conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Oct, 2013
Autumn Seminar in Niigata, Japan
Aug, 2013
Dhaka School Cleaning Project, Bangladesh August
Jun, 2013
Spring Seminar, 2013 "Fostering Talented Human Resources in this Global Age"
May, 2013
Registered as a JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) approved organization
Apr, 2013
Registered as a General Incorporated Association in Tokyo, Japan
Mar, 2013
Publishing AAEE Newsletter vol.2
Mar, 2013
Coordinating the water tank project in Nepal by FIWJ (Friendship Internashonal Work Camp)
Feb, 2013
Creating the official song of AAEE
Jan, 2013
Publishing AAEE Newsletter vol.2