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Jan, 2016

Mero Sathi Project Brief Session in Tokyo was a Big Success!

   All the Mero Sathi student members in Japan got together and completed a brief session of the Mero Sathi Project 2015 successfully yesterday. This event was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and JICA.

   More than 100 people participated in the program to understand what and how the Mero Sathi students in Japan have tried to support earthquake victims in Nepal and what they have learned through the project.  Followed by the students' reports, the participants actively discussed what is important in multicultural communication. After the event, many people told us they were really impressed by a strong passion of all the Mero Sathi Members for supporting Nepal, and also they were really happy to know that the student members made very good friends with a lot of students in Nepal through the program.
    Next month, Mero Sathi Project 2016 will be conducted in Nepal and we have already started preparation activities for that. We just try our best to make the project excellent one.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the people who have supported our activities.IMG_1418.JPG12511264_10153379422013233_801453335_o.jpgIMG_1345.JPGIMG_1343.JPGIMG_1346.JPGIMG_1358.JPGIMG_1362.JPG12510164_973679089369175_2036254771_o.jpg12528502_973679136035837_1648984290_o.jpg12509949_973679066035844_1306766270_o.jpgIMG_1375.JPGIMG_1408.JPG


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