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Jul, 2021

We held a charity lecture for the Mero Sathi Project!

On June 29th, we invited Mr. Kazumasa Kakimi (OK Bajaj), a Nepalese aid worker, to give a "Mero Sathi Project Charity Lecture" at Tokyo Keizai University.
In the first part of the lecture, titled "Basic Knowledge of Nepal," Mr. Kakimi answered various questions prepared in advance by the students of the Seki Seminar at Tokyo Keizai University, including his own experiences.
At the same time, he also explained how the donations received from this event would be used.
In the second part of the lecture, Mr. Kakimi gave a valuable talk on the topic of "23 Years of Living in a Poor Village in Nepal - Lessons Learned from the Villagers", which was very moving for us as students.
In the first year after arriving in Nepal, he faced a language barrier in particular, and how did he gain the trust of the local villagers?
This was due to Mr. Kakimi's unique and thorough attitude of "respecting" and "appreciating" the local people.
Even now, more than 20 years after he started providing support, he has always kept this in mind.
The members who organized this lecture and are planning to participate in the Mero Sathi Project 2017 September in Nepal in September, expressed that they were looking forward to the trip even more.