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Jul 10, 2021

BJEP(Bangladesh-Japan Online Exchange Program) 2021 APPLICATION OPEN! 

We are proud to announce the second installment of BJEP for the year 2021.

We'll hold a program called " BJEP (Bangladesh-Japan Online Exchange Program) 2021", where we will be having an exchange program among students from Bangladesh and Japan to discuss deep culture. This program will be a great opportunity to expand your networking, interchange your ideas with people from different nations, enhance your public speaking skills, and more!

The topic of The Program: Deep Culture
As the event is multinational, participants from various backgrounds of race, national, ethnicity can share their viewpoints and take on deep culture. All participants will be able to express their ideas and opinions via the event.
The program will be happening on a virtual platform on Zoom.
The program will be held from August 22 to August 27, 2021.
・Student from Japan and Bangladesh
・Student who have completed high school (Freshmen ・Sophomore)
・Ability to communicate in English fluently
Application Process:

The applicants will have to go through two steps

 selection process. After applying through the form below, selected applicants will be informed for a brief interview. Only carefully selected candidates will pass the process. Applicants will be confirmed for the program after the interview.

Bangladesh-Japan Online Exchange Program


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