General Incorporated Association Asia Association of Education and Exchange


About AAEE

AAEE Mission

Asia's future depends on the young generation.
General Incorporated Association AAEE has three main goals. The first goal is to promote mutual understanding among students and educators in the Asian region through a variety of activities, such as exchange programs for students and teachers, regular study meetings, sharing ideas on our webpage. The second goal is to resolve current educational problems in Asia in cooperation with teachers and researchers. AAEE continuously works hard to build a system in order to foster human resources which can actively contribute to the development of Asia. And the third is to actively support individuals or groups who are devoting themselves to the development of educational activities or students' exchange in Asia. We appreciate your kind support.

What's AAEE

Since our research team was established, we visited many different educational institutions in Asian countries. There, we had the opportunity to observe and exchange ideas with teachers and students. Through these visits we were able to experience first-hand the diversity of educational systems in Asian countries, which attribute to various factors such as their culture, religions or social and political systems. We regard this educational diversity as advantage and would like to find and integrate strong points of education from each country in order to develop better educational systems. A better educational system will bring forth students who will be able to make better contributions to the development of the Asian regions. Traditionally, it was our belief that children from financially stable countries receive good education but financially challenged countries would give only poor educational services to children. This is only partly true. But it is also true that some developed countries are facing very serious educational problems which are not easy to solve, and students in developing countries often live and study happily in spite of an unsatisfactory educational environment. There are different levels and different kinds of problems in education in each country, the solution to each problem should then be different. The concept of our research group is to share these problems between each of the countries and cooperate to solve them. We have learned, from our activities, that there is a lot to learn from understanding education in other countries. The purpose of our research group is to have interactions with people related to education in Asian regions, such as teachers, scholars, and students to exchange ideas and understanding each other to cooperatively improve the educational system in the Asian region.